AKC Field trial

GWPCCO’s Field Trial will be held at Boyce Corral, Madras, Oregon.

Spring Field Trial April 18-19, 2015
Fall Field Trial September 19-20, 2015

This is a horse mounted trial but is open to foot handling as well. The  entry
form for your dog, or “premium” will be available (after it is approved) in the
files section of the NWFTC website (you must be a member to access the file).

You can also receive a premium from the Field Trial Secretary, Joe Proulx II.
He can be reached by email at j.proulx@yahoo.com.

We are also working to make the premium available here on our GWPCCO
website, or on our
Facebook page.  

Field Trial Premium list

So, enter your dog and join the events or just come out and watch
the events. We look forward to meeting you in either case.